Meet Shannon

A Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, passionate about holistic health & optimizing Gut, Brain & Hormone function! 

I empower busy women & moms to prioritize their health and find BALANCE allowing them to feel their best, be present and enhance their roles as mothers, wives, professionals and individuals!   

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Meet Shannon!

A Women's Health Expert!

Shannon's passion for advocating for others has been a defining aspect of her life. Growing up in a dysfunctional home marred by abuse, alcoholism, and recreational drug use, she spent years surviving and advocating for herself until she was old enough to begin her own healing journey. This path led her to pursue a career in nursing, where she has accumulated over 21 years of experience in various settings, shaping her into the dedicated practitioner she is today.

A Connecticut native, Shannon earned her bachelor's degree in nursing and began her career in the operating room at Yale's Smilow Cancer Hospital. For eight years, she served the oncology community, advocating for her patients during some of their most isolating and frightening moments. She provided comfort by holding countless hands and wiping away thousands of tears, supporting both patients and their families amidst the uncertainties they faced. Shannon's dedication to her patients fueled her desire for further education. While raising a family and working full-time, she obtained her master's degree in nursing, becoming a family nurse practitioner.

In 2015, Shannon and her husband Andrew relocated to Delaware to raise their family, believing in a greater plan for their lives. They have three children, and their favorite night of the week is Family Fun Night, where they make wood-fired pizza from scratch, embracing creativity and togetherness.

Throughout her career, Shannon has faced numerous obstacles and challenges, often feeling dismissed and unheard within the traditional medical model. Her role as a family nurse practitioner in conventional medicine did not align with where she felt called to be. This misalignment led her to step away from her position and pursue a career that would allow her to truly advocate, educate, and empower other women like herself.

Now, Shannon is unapologetically and authentically herself, passionate about educating and empowering others. Her mission is to optimize physical, mental, and spiritual health by offering high-level one-on-one health mentorship to women and families. She adopts a holistic approach that integrates faith, love, and hope, striving to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those she mentors.

It all started in 2017 when ...

I was pregnant with our 3rd child. At that time we had 2 healthy children and no prior complications. On August 10, 2017 on what was our 10 year wedding anniversary our daughter Savannah died in the second trimester.

I was devastated, heartbroken  and angry. I didn't understand why I was going through this but had complete faith that God had a bigger plan. 

4 weeks later I sat in my OB's office as I heard him outside the door flipping through my paper chart seconds before he walked in to ask me why I was there. Dumbfounded, I said " I want to know why my daughter died." His response was ‚Äúit‚Äôs totally normal to loose a child in the first few weeks of pregnancy‚ÄĚ. There is nothing normal about the loss of a child, let alone a person regardless or age or gestation, but I wasn't in the "early weeks" of pregnancy.¬†

I held back the anger, tears and pain as he quickly changed subjects, offered me antidepressants and walked out. Less than 5 minutes. I was dismissed, brushed off and unheard. 

Over the next year we had 2 additional pregnancies each resulting in a loss. A month after our third miscarriage I got pregnant with our rainbow baby. It was by far the most terrifying 9 months of my life. I had severe PTSD and Anxiety. I went into preterm labor more than once and at 35 weeks anticipated an early delivery.

During his abrupt delivery I sustained a significant amount of pelvic floor trauma and he came out not breathing and spent a week in the NICU. We named him Jax, which means ~ God has been gracious and shown favor.

The weeks and months that followed his arrival home were dark. I lost myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I no longer recognized the broken person staring back at me in the mirror. I was simply an empty shell. I didn’t know who I was anymore or what my purpose was. I numbed my emotions every night with Kirkland vanilla ice cream and Hersheys chocolate syrup.  

The pelvic floor trauma I sustained during delivery was so intense that the pain from sitting, standing, walking, even intimacy was triggering a PTSD response. The solution ... good luck finding a pelvic floor specialist let alone getting insurance to cover it or being seen in the next 6-12 months…. I suffered every single day accepting this was now my life. A constant reminder of the trauma I sustained.

But Then Everything Changed...

I knew at this point, my lowest of lows, my passion had shifted and Gods plan was beginning to unfold. I wanted to do more to advocate for women's needs and health because I knew how it felt to be judged, ignored & brushed off in a broken system. 

Loosing myself after Jax's birth and the trauma I had sustained took it's toll on my body physically, mentally and emotionally. My hormones were out of whack, I was at my heaviest weight and exhausted all the time, my blood sugar would drop out of nowhere and I was absolutely miserable.

I knew I couldn't sustain this way and my husband and kids didn't deserve a mom who was no longer present or worse off dead. I had to do something different and it started with embarking on my own health journey, prioritizing myself and finding balance again. 

Every day I work towards a healthier & happier version of myself. Addressing my physical, mental and spiritual health I am learning to give myself a little more GRACE each day. I can't take care of anyone unless I take care of myself first and neither can you.

I have been in YOUR shoes and my experiences are what inspire me to empower women to be their own health advocate and prioritize their care too!

 Now I am able to prioritize & balance my physical, mental and emotional well~being, setting a healthy example for my kids and thriving every day because of it....


As much as my body suffered through the years from stress, anxiety, trauma, disruptive sleep, poor eating patterns, all or nothing exercise, hormone dysfunction, impaired fertility and pregnancy loss, I have learned a valuable lesson. Symptoms are the body's check engine light to warn you before something catastrophic happens, so pay attention!

EVERYTHING happens for a reason and God leads us where we are meant to be.

Through my own experiences and education, I am well equipped to help women in a more meaningful way partnering with them to optimize their well being for years to come!

You are not alone and you deserve to work with someone who values your story and the benefits of getting to the root cause.




I can spend hours at my sewing machine quilting! 


Stepped outside my comfort zone to try something new and fell in love!


I am famous for my homemade gourmet wood fire pizza creations!


While out for a run in CT when Logan was a baby I encountered a bobcat! 


I look forward to starting a ministry bridging theology & biology!

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